New User Account for EPIP Site

Dear Vicki, Kathy, and Jenniffier:

A new PIER System user account has been set up for you so that you may work with the restt of the regional team in the Emergency Public Affairs Plan (EPIP). Below you will find your logon credentials and information about how to sign in for the first time.

This email is being sent to you from the EPIP PIER site.

To login, please go to:

User Account Credentials

 Name  PIER User Name
Initial Password
 Vicki Brown-Sobecki  BrownSobecki  pier2010
 Kathy Reyer  Reyer  pier2010
 Jenniffier Shield Hawes  ShieldHawes  pier2010

Information on Logging in for the First Time

You will be prompted to change your password to something customized when you sign in for the first time. 


Tim O’Leary