Creating a Plan OnePager

  • Purpose: Create links to regional plans on the regional plans page.
  • When: Whenever new plans are created or shared.
  • Explanation: This will allow you to create a “one-pager” for each plan that needs to be added to the Regional Plans folder on the HoustonUASI website.


  1. In the address bar of a web browser type:
  2. Enter your PIER username. It may be different from your logon information for other services.
  3. Enter your PIER password.
    1. Note: If you have forgotten your username, contact another PIER user who can logon and check Settings > Users > User list to view your username.
    2. Note: If you have forgotten your password click on “Forget your password?” and follow the prompts.
  4. Click “Log On” or press “Enter.”
  5. If prompted, choose “Houston Urban Area Security Initiative (UASI)”
  6. From the Home screen “Welcome back Lach…” click on Documents (tab).
  7. From the Documents screen click on the “Regional Plans” folder in the folders list.
  8. Find the document named “Plan one-pager template” and click “New Copy From This Draft.” (New Copy)
  9. Make changes to the template as needed.
    1. Make sure to update the headline
    2. Make sure to update the subheading with the program the plan was created under
    3. Take a screenshot of the cover page of the plan and update the placeholder image
    4. Update the mission section from the plan and fill in the pertinent details
    5. Briefly describe the plan in the “What is this plan” section. Keep it to a single paragraph.
    6. Expand on the details under sections for what the plan is, what it isn’t, and “you should read this plan if”. Use at most a few sentences for each.
    7. Change the section “This plan shows interaction between XXXXX and:” to reflect the plan you are updating.
    8. Update the link the “View this Plan” button points to by clicking on the button, then clicking on the link icon on the toolbar, and changing the link URL. If your plan is located on the HoustonUASI website, click the “Browse” button next to the URL field, navigate to your plan, click on it, and click “Open.”
  10. When finished making changes, click “Submit for Approval”
  11. The appropriate approver will review your one-pager and post it to the website once approved
  12. The approver will notify you that your one-pager has been published
  13. Navigate to the Regional Plans folder on the HoustonUASI site and confirm that your changes look as you intended