Uploading Files

  • Purpose: To load documents in PDF format or Word documents with a lot of images which cannot be easily converted to HTML documents.
  • When: Whenever committees/work-groups need a PDF file uploaded.
  • Explanation: This will allow you to upload non-HTML documents to HoustonUASI.com


  1. In the address bar of a web browser type: http://www.piersystem.com
  2. Enter your PIER username. It may be different from your logon information for other services.
  3. Enter your PIER password.
    1. Note: If you have forgotten your username, contact another PIER user who can logon and check Settings > Users > User list to view your username.
    2. Note: If you have forgotten your password click on “Forget your password?” and follow the prompts.
  4. Click “Log On” or press “Enter.”
  5. If prompted, choose “Houston Urban Area Security Initiative (UASI)”
  6. From the Home screen “Welcome back Lach…” click on Documents (tab).
  7. From the Documents screen click on “New Document” link on the right then choose “Upload File.”
  8. Click “Choose File” and browse for the file you wish to upload, when selected click “Open.”
  9. Select the folder you wish to upload it to (should be the Committee/Work-group name).
  10. Edit the headline to represent what you would like the file to be called. This will also be the subject line if you choose to email the file.
  11. Click on the “Description” tab and enter a description for the file. This will be the text in the email (if you choose to send the file) and will be the only text searchable on the site, PIER will not index the contents of the file for searching.
  12. Click “Publish,” then “Publish” again (use “Publish & Send” if you wish to email the file).
  13. Click “View Website” and confirm that your file looks as you intended.