Committees – PIER Work Group – Meeting Agenda

PIER Work Group

Meeting Agenda
307 Fort Street, Richmond, TX 77469
Thursday, July 9, 2009 – 1:30 pm

The mission of the PIER Work Group is to maximize the collaborative use of the PIER system through the development of training, and standardization of procedures to accomplish UASI goals and objectives.

  1. Welcome / Introductions (Lach Mullen)
  2. Old Business (Lach Mullen)
    PIER cross-site communications
    SOP for cross-site linking
    Database sharing
    Sites and audiences matrix
    Training Monitization
  3. Implementation Report (Sandra Salazar)
    Implementation Status
    Resource Utilization
  4. Training Report (Sandra Salazar)
    Consolidated Sessions
  5. Technology Report (Lach Mullen)
    PIER System Enhancements
    WebEOC integration
    Version 6.2
  6. User’s Group Report (Lach Mullen)
    Summary of meeting
    Next PUG meeting
  7. Show and Tell (Wayne Holt)
    PIER (ENR) Media Tools
  8. New Business (Lach Mullen)
    PIER Certification class in Houston
  9. Next Meeting