Training Opportunity: Intelligence Workshop: Unified Regional Response to a Complex Coordinated Terrorist Attack (CCTA)

The following message is from the program coordinator:

Please assist me in getting the word out on this Intelligence Workshop. Forward to those in your jurisdictions as appropriate. Admission is free – though attendees must register in advance.  Terrific program lined up to speak on intelligence operations associated with the 2016 Brussels Suicide Bombing, Boston Marathon Bombing, Mumbai Terrorist Attacks, Paris II Bombings, Dorner Manhunt, and more.

You are invited to attend the Intelligence WorkshopUnified Regional Response to a Complex Coordinated Terrorist Attack  (CCTA), hosted by the South East Texas Regional Planning Commission (SETRPC) and the Borders, Trade, and Immigration (BTI) Institute (a Department of Homeland Security Center of Excellence)  on Tuesday and Wednesday,

July 17-18, 2018, at Lamar University’s Montagne Center, 4400 S. Martin Luther King Jr. Parkway, Beaumont, Texas. Check in starts at 7:30 am.

The flyer can be found here: intelligence-workshop-flyer

This two-day workshop focuses on intelligence and investigative efforts in response to mass shootings and Complex Coordinated Terrorist Attacks.  Invited speakers include Incident Commanders, Special Agents, detectives, and intelligence analysts  involved in recent high-profile mass shootings and CCTA incidents (2016 Manhattan/New Jersey Bombings; Mumbai, India Terrorist Attacks; Paris Terrorist Attacks; Las Vegas Music Festival Shootings, Dorner Manhunt, and Boston Marathon Bombings)  to share their experiences, discuss the challenges they faced, and identify best practices and lessons learned from those incidents.  Their experiences and identified best practices, combined with recommendations compiled from incident after action reviews, Department of Justice publications, and Department of Homeland Security doctrine, will be used as a baseline for developing plans, synchronization matrices, training tools and the creation of technological solutions to better prepare first responders nation-wide.

  • Day 1 of the workshop will include presentations on Lessons Learned by law enforcement, intelligence officers, fusion center personnel, and analysts who were engaged in investigation and intelligence analysis in the aftermath of CCTAs and Active Shooter incidents.  Participants will hear first-hand from Incident Commanders, detectives, intelligence operatives and analysts regarding their experiences, challenges, the lessons learned in the midst and aftermath of response efforts. 
  • Day 2 of the workshop is focused on developing planning tools and techniques to address intelligence gathering and analysis concerns in organization, plans, policies, procedures, equipment, and training and exercises, and lists of recommended actions for officers and intelligence analysts to prepare for CCTAs and active shooter incidents.


Registration:  In order to ensure sufficient space for attendance, we ask that all participants register in advance. There is no charge for registration. Please do so as soon as possible.  Our first CCTA Workshop for Public Information Officers reached maximum capacity 45 days prior to the scheduled date. Click on to REGISTER


Future Workshops. This Intelligence WorkshopUnified Regional Response to a Complex Coordinated Terrorist Attack  (CCTA),is the fourth in a series addressing functional areas to prepare for a Unified Regional Response to Coordinated Complex Terrorist Attacks.  These workshops, scheduled for the Spring-Summer 2018 and hosted by the South East Texas Regional Planning Commission, are made possible through a grant provided by the Department of Homeland Security. Previous workshops have focused on Public Information, Tactical Response and Medical Response to Complex Coordinated Terrorist Attacks. Other workshops scheduled in August and September will address on Operational Communications and Victim and Family Services.  For more information on future workshops, dates, and registration, click on to


Information.  For more information, contact me directly at 713.743.1676 or at


Please feel free to forward this invitation to other law enforcement officers, special agents, detectives, investigators, fusion center personnel, and intelligence analysts in your region.



Kevin M. Clement

Project Lead

Unified Regional Response to a Complex Coordinated Terrorist Attack

The University of Houston

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