Recovery Resources

Pre-Disaster Recovery Plan Template

This template may be used as the starting point for the development of a jurisdiction’s pre-disaster recovery plan. The content may be used, deleted, or modified to suit its jurisdiction. This document was developed by recovery subject matter experts representing different jurisdictions at different levels of government, as well as experts from other supporting organizations. Although this template includes Texas-specific references, it can be used by any jurisdiction.

Click here to access the pre-disaster recovery plan template.


Recovery Exercise Package

The Recovery Exercise Package can be used for jurisdictions that need to develop a recovery plan (as a workshop) or that need to validate an existing recovery plan (as a tabletop exercise). This package includes materials commonly used in the design, development, and conduct of a standard Homeland Security Exercise and Evaluation Program (HSEEP) exercise. The templates within this package are mostly complete, and jurisdictions will want to modify them to suit their needs (e.g., size of incident, declared incident or not). It includes three modules that cover each phase of recovery, and it generally addresses several agencies and organizations that will be involved in the recovery process.

Click here to access the recovery exercise package.


Recovery Peer Planning Workshop Materials

In May 2019, the Houston UASI Regional Planners Work Group hosted a Recovery Peer Planning Workshop to share best planning practices for recovery including a global overview of recovery, a walk-through of the recovery planning process, recovery from the local and federal perspective, and planning for recovery of natural and cultural resources. Planning resources were provided to workshop attendees and are available for universal access.

Click here to access the Recovery Peer Planning Workshop materials.