Recovery Peer Planning Workshop (Spring 2019)

The need to plan for disaster recovery to ensure that effective recovery programs and activities are implemented following a disaster has risen in importance in recent years due to a string of large scale disasters.  This workshop aimed to share best planning practices for recovery including a global overview of recovery, a walk-through of the recovery planning process, recovery from the local and federal perspective, and planning for recovery of natural and cultural resources.  Click the links below to access the workshop presentation and products, including the Pre-Disaster Recovery Plan template and the Recovery Resources List.

Recovery Peer Planning Workshop Presentation: This includes all of the slides for the day, as well as contact information for the speakers and panelists.

Pre-Disaster Recovery Plan Template: This template may be used as the starting point for the development of a jurisdiction’s pre-disaster recovery plan.

Recovery Exercise Package: This exercise package can by used by jurisdictions or organizations that need to develop a recovery plan or that need to validate an existing recovery plan.

Recovery Overview Handout: This document provides a general overview of the phases of recovery as well as key terms used in recovery.

Recovery Resource List: This document includes additional resources, guidance, and references on recovery to guide your planning efforts.