FY2024 UASI Application Workshops Registration

As part of the FY2024 UASI application process, we will be hosting webinars to help partners in the region better understand aspects of the application beyond the information provided during the kickoff meetings. Additionally, participants experienced in this grant writing process are encouraged to share tips and lessons learned with the other participants.

Additionally, we will be holding “office hours” where we will be able to provide one-on-one support with you to answer questions you may have. We encourage you to take advantage of this time as we won’t have the capacity to provide as much support outside of these opportunities.

To register, complete the form below, and we will send the invitation to the events you’ve selected as soon as we’re able. Please feel free to share this registration link with others in your organization who may want to attend.

Note: While some meetings listed below are designed to address specific topics, we’re happy to answer off-topic questions.

Please note that advanced registration is required for both virtual and in-person meetings. The registration cut-off time for in-person meetings is 24 hours before the meeting start.
Name is required for security list in order to attend in-person meetings at the HEC since it is a controlled-access facility. Please plan on arriving 10-15 minutes early to get through security.
Email address is required when attending virtual sessions

Please select the role which best describes the context in which you are participating in the following workshop(s)
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Please let us know if you will require any additional accommodations to be able to participate fully in these workshops and a member of our team will reach out for more information.