Additional Information-”Situational Awareness & Common Operating Picture for EOCs”

Good Afternoon-

I recently sent out information about the training course ”Situational Awareness & Common Operating Picture for EOCs” hosted by Sensemakers. I know some people are on the fence about the course, especially with the cost being $250. I wanted to provide additional information about the course to help in the decision making process.

We asked some emergency management partners who have attended the training for their feedback before agreeing to host it to the Houston Region and here’s what they had to say:

  • San Francisco Department of Emergency Management said the course had great instructors with lots of real world experience and great course activities, rated them among the best contractors they have had, and said the thumb drive with all the materials (including best practices) that every student receives is very useful.
  • The course is highly popular in the 12 county Bay Area UASI, and receives consistent high marks for instruction and course content.
  • California Specialized Training Institute uses the course as part of their training for their Incident Support Teams and completion of the course is part of their Type III IMT credentialing program for the state.

As mentioned in the feedback above, each student receives a flash drive that contains electronic versions of all class materials, tools, videos, and handouts.

The flyer & registration for the course: 00-EOC-SA-and-COP-Course-Flyer-Houston1

I hope this helps you with your decision-making. If you have further questions about the course please feel free to contact me or Jim Bailey (course manager) at 760-521-5087,


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