Emergency Public Information and Warning Work Group

**UPDATE** GoToMeeting is Unavailable.  Please Call in to the Number Below:

Call Toll-Free:

United States: 1 866 951 1151

  • Conference Room Number: 782-987-276

The Emergency Public Information and Warning Work Group has two new Chairs – Cynthia Jamieson of Montgomery County and Shelli Carter of the City of Houston.  To commemorate this momentous development, we are accepting suggestions for a new theme song.

This meeting will touch base on the Regional Emergency Public Information Plan rewrite, which previous Chair Lach Mullen has masterfully set the navigation course for.  We eagerly invite participation from around the region.  Our jurisdictions each have unique needs and experiences and we would love to see a robust cross-section represented in the work group and in this rewrite.

The November 1st meeting will be relatively brief, but we will plan a special, in person, meeting dedicated to the Rewrite in mid-November.  As a bonus incentive, snacks will be present for that meeting.  I repeat – snacks. will. be. present.