Emergency Public Information Plan


To plan for the coordination of emergency public information throughout the entire response to a large regional incident while serving as a template for jurisdictional Emergency Public Information Plans or Annexes.

  • Written: 2009
  • Approved: 2014, Houston UASI Executive Committee
  • Status: In Validation, due June 2019.
  • Footprint: Houston UASI
  • Committee: Regional Collaboration Committee, Emergency Public Information and Warning Work Group, Emergency Public Information Plan Workgroup.
  • Links to: Regional CONOPS Plan (RCPI), 2011; MACC Plan; FAC CONOPS, Wildfire Conops

What is this plan?

This Emergency Public Information Plan (EPIP) describes the plans for regional coordinated public communication during events involving multiple jurisdictions in the Houston region. The guiding principles underlying this plan are contained in the National Incident Management System, the National Response Framework and best practices in public and private emergency communication management.

This plan is:

Descriptive enough to be understood by an official with no emergency public information knowledge.
Intended for any multiple-jurisdiction response with command, especially with a terrorism nexus.

This plan isn’t:

A detailed toolkit on Emergency Public Information. For use without Incident Command.

You should read this plan if:

  • You will be a PIO or Incident Commander in the region.
  • You will be working in a JIC in a regional incident.
  • You are developing your own jurisdictional JIC plan.
  • You want to understand Emergency Public Information and why the Houston UASI region has chosen the approach we have.

This plan shows interaction between a Regional JIC and:

The Public

  • Media
  • General Public
  • Responders

Regional Incident Command

  • Incident command
  • Unified Command
  • Area Command

Federal Response Partners

  • Federal Emergency Management Agency
  • United States Coast Guard
  • Department of Homeland Security