February GIS Work Group Notes

Below are notes from the February GIS Work Group meeting.

  • New Survey: A more detailed survey will be going out soon regarding Regional GIS needs based on discussions with members.
  • The GIS workgroup will draft a mission statement at the next meeting to determine the goals and objectives of the GIS workgroup.
  • We are considering allotting time at the begin of each meeting for a regional partner to present what GIS products they are creating or new GIS technologies we may want to acquire.
  • Members were asked to research the existence of other GIS workgroups, and attempt to determine their mission and governance.
  • The GIS workgroup will review the previous GIS governance and consider adopting a new governance as time permits.
  • The next meeting of the GIS Workgroup will be on Wednesday, March 25th 2020 at 2 pm.


Jared and Nicole