GIS Work Group Meeting Notes for October 2021

Good afternoon,

I wish to apologize for the delay on these meeting notes. The following items were covered at our October GIS Work Group meeting.

  1. Agenda
    • Welcome & Introductions
    • New Business
      • Group Meeting Schedule
        The majority of attendees agreed to schedule GIS Work Group meetings on the last Thursday of each month from 2 to 3pm – following the Technology Work Group meeting.
      • Discuss General Purpose of the Group
        Action item resulted from this discussion.
      • Ideas suggested from the group:
        • The majority of attendees agreed to reserve a block of time to spotlight a GIS based tool or application used by a jurisdiction to support emergency planning, response, preparedness and mitigation.
        • Setup training opportunities such as exercises, webinars, etc.
        • Consider building an environment to share datasets amongst group members such as road closures, shelter status, damage assessments, etc.
      • Governance
        Action item resulted from this discussion.
  2. Action Items
    • We have updated the GIS Work Group Survey and ask each of you to complete the survey before the next meeting.
      If you have completed the survey in the past, please complete a new one to include the new questions.
    • William will contact UASI leadership and ask for guidance on changing the scope of the GIS Work Group as it pertains to the software and licensing.
      We may need to propose a change of scope with the UASI leadership. Is there a change management process in place? Are there any documents or templates we need to apply or use to propose the change? We are considering changing the scope from using ArcGIS for Server Enterprise environment to an ArcGIS Online environment. Esri licensing will need to be changed and that will make a difference in the cost.
    • Nicole will send the draft of the GIS Work Group Policy Statement, GIS Work Group Scope and Mission documents to group members for review.
  1. The next meeting will be Thursday, November 18th from 2pm to 3pm.
    • Jurisdiction Spotlight: Trevor Surface and Gabe Lavine from City of Sugar Land (15 minutes).
    • Jurisdiction Spotlight: Ashley Schutt from Harris County OEM (15 minutes).
    • Request for Assistance: Austen McMillin would like to address group members. He represents the Community Lifelines Project which falls under the Regional Catastrophic Preparedness Initiative. There could be a need for a GIS subject matter expert to review, consult, and advise from a GIS perspective (5 minutes).