CCTA Lecture Series Registration Confirmation

This message confirms that you have submitted your registration for one the upcoming seminars in the Houston CCTA Lecture Series. We will notify you if your registration has not been accepted. Click here to register for another seminar:

Right to Revoke Registration

We reserve the right to revoke your registration. If this is necessary, we will try to notify you as soon as we can. The following are situations where we might need to revoke your registration:

  • Each of these events has a target audience. Due to limited space and facility covid requirements, we may need to revoke some people’s registration to ensure maximum participation from the target audience. If this is the case, we will try to send notice with ample lead time.
  • While the lecture series isn’t limited to stakeholders in the Houston region, it is limited to stakeholders who are affiliated with known organizations. If the organization you registered under or if you registered using a publicly available email service (e.g., Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail), we may need to verify who you are before officially approving your registration.
  • The January 14 Threat Assessment and Coordination Seminar is limited exclusively to law enforcement. Registrants who are not affiliated with a law enforcement organization will not be able to access the seminar.
  • The March 24 Family Assistance Centers Workshop is meant to help jurisdictions in the region develop FAC plans. Jurisdictions will have a pre-determined number of spaces for the workshop, and point of contact will determine who is able to attend. They will notify you if they must revoke your registration.

Points of Contact

Jonathan Wiggins, Project Lead
City of Houston Mayor’s Office of Public Safety and Homeland Security

Kevin Clement, Contract Support
University of Houston College of Technology