Improvement Planning Workshop Follow-Up Information- Important Changes


I have a lot of information to share and will provide a quick-steps/checklist at the end of the email to hopefully clarify the new method of reporting completed trainings, exercises, and events.

First off, thanks to everyone who participated in Tuesday’s  Regional Improvement Planning Workshop, and special thanks to Galveston County OEM for hosting. The notes and presentation from the workshop can be found here:

2017 IPW Notes

2017 IPW Presentation

During the meeting we discussed reporting all trainings, exercises, and real-world events completed October 2016-September 2017, by November 1. This has since changed in an effort to reduce the amount of time required to complete the 2017 SPR (State Preparedness Report) and the 2017 MTEP (Multi-Year Regional Training and Exercise Plan).

We are now asking for jurisdictions and agencies to complete the following survey ( to help us gather information on all 2016/ 2017 regional trainings, exercises, and real-world events that tested any of the core capabilities. You  have more time to report (not due till November 22) and a tool to assist in reporting (thanks Allison!). The timeline of what data needs to be captured has also changed to October 1, 2016-December 31, 2017 (we are only gathering this data for the time between 10/01/2016 and 12/31/2017 because we have already gathered the information for the previous years). Please include trainings and exercises that have not yet occurred but that will in calendar year 2017.

I have collected some data already through the Regional Training & Exercise Workgroup and if I have it, it does not need to be reported again. To check if a training, exercise, event has already been reported, review this document: Completed October 2016-December 2017. If a training, exercise, or event appears, it does not need to be reported on the survey. If in doubt, go ahead and put it on the survey.

Quicksteps To Report:

  • Gather data for all regional* trainings, exercises, and events your agency/jurisdiction hosted or responded to from 10/01/2016-12/31/2017.
  • Review the spreadsheet  Completed October 2016-December 2017
  • If a training, exercise, or event appears on the spreadsheet and the details are correct, you are good to go! No further action is needed at this time.
  • If a training, exercise, or event, is not on the spreadsheet (or you are unsure), please complete the following survey:
  • If the training, exercise, or event needs to be corrected (date, title, etc), send an email to with the correct info.
  • Please complete by November 22, 2017.

Information to assist:

  • For the core capability definitions, please visit
  • *Regional exercises as defined by the Houston UASI Multi-Year Regional Training and Exercise Plan (MTEP) – a minimum of 2 counties, or in lieu of one county, the exercise must have state or federal integration.

I know its a lot! But please let me or Alison know if you have any questions.


Melanie Manville & Alison Belcher