Mutualink Demo – date correction

Apologies – date correction: Monday, December 18th

The City of Houston will be hosting a full-scale demonstration of the communication software called Mutualink on Monday, December 18th at 10 AM and 1 PM. This demo will take place inside the City of Houston Emergency Operation Center, located on the second floor of the Houston Emergency Center, 5320 North Shepherd Drive, Houston, Texas 77091. All interested individuals are welcome to attend.

The City of Houston has been exploring various Radio Over Internet Protocol (RoIP) software solutions for use inside our EOC. Given the adoption and deployed of this particular product by several local partners, the State of Texas and some federal agencies, we have requested an in-depth functional demonstration to further evaluate the potential. All of the required equipment and software has been installed and configured at the Houston EOC.  Given the work required to establish a fully functional system for the demo, I wanted to extent the opportunity to others that may wish to learn more or ask questions of the technical personnel that will be present.

This is NOT an endorsement of any product or service, just an opportunity to go hands on with a system not usually available during a normal sales pitch or trade show setting.  Please submit your name for ease of entry into the Houston Emergency Center at the link below. (NO information will be shared with the vendor.)


Richard Retz