October 2021 Technology Work Group Notes

The following items were covered during the October 2021 UASI Technology Work Group:

  • Tech administrators gave updates on their systems
    • Fort Bend County and the region welcome Antwyne “AJ” Johnson as the new Jetty administrator. AJ joins Fort Bend Count HS&EM from the Houston Fire Department, where he worked as a firefighter and in the department’s public information and public affairs units.
    • There have not been any WebEOC upgrades this month, and the usual drills have been conducted without issues. The work group is finalizing the governance, but the October meeting was postponed due to World Series-related obligations.
    • The GIS Work Group held its first meeting earlier in October, and will hold subsequent meetings immediately following Tech each month. The group is refining its scope and expectations. The regional server had updates performed, and the next steps for that are to determine the content to hots there.
  • The group did not have any additional updates to the Technology Training Section of the Regional IPP. The WebEOC Work Group chairs provided edits to their section offline for incorporation into the final version.
  • The EPI Systems analysis project will resume soon now that AJ has been hired at Fort Bend. He has the information that Justin Jurek had collected.
  • The AlertFM and i-INFO Survey projects should resume in November.
  • In addition to the Technology One-Pagers that the group recently reviewed and posted on the UASI site, there is also a need for a broader examination of what technologies are in use in the region and how they are being used. This review will likely lead to an updated version of the Technology Inventory conducted about ten years ago by this group and the original RCPI. A small planning team will work on this document; interested individuals should email glavine@sugarlandtx.gov and ian.feldman@houstontx.gov.
  • The November meeting will be one week earlier than normal due to the Thanksgiving holiday. There will be a vendor presentation from Deloitte on their Close As You Go system, which leverages blockchain to improve the documentation collection and validation process associated with disaster recovery.


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