Continuity of Operations (COOP) Peer Planning Workshop (Summer 2017)

There may be times in which a jurisdiction or agency has to respond to an incident that impacts the jurisdiction or agency itself.  It is during these situations that having a continuity of operations plan (COOP) is vital. This workshop aimed to help jurisdictions and agencies develop or improve their COOP plans and to integrate necessary elements across jurisdictional and agency lines.  Click the links below to access the workshop presentation and products, including the COOP Resource List and the Exercise Worksheet that was handed out for the exercise portion of the workshop.

Continuity of Operations Plan Peer Planning Workshop Presentation: This includes all of the slides for the day, as well as contact information for the speakers and panelists.

COOP Resource List: This document includes additional resources, guidance, and references on COOP to guide your planning efforts.

COOP Exercise Worksheet: Use this exercise document in your organization to begin developing your COOP plan if you don’t currently have one or to improve your plan if you do.