Donations Management Peer Planning Workshop (Fall 2016)

Unless planned for and handled in a coordinated manner, the influx of donations that arrive following a disaster can easily become a “disaster within a disaster”.  This workshop aimed to address best practices and challenges related to donations management, stress the importance of collaboration among emergency management professionals and agencies that are involved in receiving and managing donations, and to help agencies and organizations develop or improve their donations management plans and annexes. Click the links below to access the workshop presentation and products, including the Exercise Worksheet, Donations Management Plan Assessment Tool, and the Texas Division of Emergency Management (TDEM) Donations Management Toolkit.

Donations Management Presentation: This includes all of the slides for the day, as well as contact information for the speakers and panelists.

Donations Management Exercise Worksheet: Use this exercise document in your organization to begin developing your donations management plan if you don’t currently have one.

Donations Management Plan Assessment Tool: This document includes great suggestions to help you improve your plan if you have one or begin developing your plan if you do not.

TDEM Donations Management Toolkit: This toolkit is full of samples and guidance you can use when executing your donations management program.