Regional Technology Work Group Meeting – Email Update

There will be no meeting today. Here are the updates from the technology admins:

Status Reports

  • WebEOC (Walker/Owens) – Restarting the CMOC mission task board project, working to finish the CMOC mission task board with Intermedix programmer using remaining credit.
  • Evacuee Tracking (Farnham) – No update
  • i-INFO (Jamieson) – No update
  • Alert FM (Jamieson) – No update
  • GIS (Granberry) – No update
  • PIER (Mullen) – PIER access will be removed Thursday, July 27, site deletions begin shortly thereafter.
  • Jetty (Mullen) – documents being loaded, all contact groups loaded. The site needs another punch-list walk through., COH CERT, and COH Newsroom will be done over coming weeks while LM is out of office.
  • Digital Sandbox (Feldman) – No updates

Thanks to everyone who sent updates (or “no updates”).

Next Meeting Date

August 31, 2017, 1:00-3:30 P.M. (HEC Room 2081)