Reminder: 2017 training, exercises, & real-world events/ incidents survey

This survey was originally sent out by Melanie Manville on 10.26.2017

In an effort to reduce the amount of time required to complete the 2017 SPR (State Preparedness Report) and the 2017 MTEP (Multi-Year Regional Training and Exercise Plan), please complete the following survey ( to help us gather information on all 2016/ 2017 regional trainings, exercises, and real-world events that tested any of the core capabilities (*we are only gathering this data for the time between 10/01/2016 and 12/31/2017 because we have already gathered the information for the previous years). Please include any trainings and exercises that have not yet occurred but that are scheduled in calendar year 2017.

For the core capability definitions, please visit

The end date for this survey is November 22, 2017.

*Regional exercises as defined by the Houston UASI Multi-Year Regional Training and Exercise Plan (MTEP) – a minimum of 2 counties, or in lieu of one county, the exercise must have state or federal integration.

Alison Belcher & Melanie Manville