Reminder: Regional Training & Exercise Planning Workshop, 10.30.18

The next meeting will be the Regional Training and Exercise Planning Workshop (RTEPW),October 30, 2018, at the Houston Emergency Center.

A call in option is also available:

Call-In: 1-866-951-1151

Room Number: 8448450

You can register for the RTEPW by clicking here.

In order to facilitate productive discussions at the RTEPW, participants should prepare a calendar list of scheduled, planned, and/or expected trainings and exercises for years 2018-2021. Keep in mind:

*Schedule should reflect a building block approach.

*Exercises should be supported by training.

*Include scope (local, regional, multi-regional), exercise type (drill, TTX, functional, full-scale), date (scheduled or expected), and core capability (operational coordination, planning, cyber security, etc).

*Everyone will be asked to submit this information after the meeting.