Technology Work Group Follow-Up and Notes

The following were discussed at the July Technology Work Group meeting:

  • Technology Updates
    • GIS Work Group is determining a meeting schedule.
    • The transition from Digital Sandbox to Haystax (the updated version) is ongoing.
  • Jetty Issues
    • Mullen has not yet received the timeline for open issues from the vendor. It will be emailed to the work group for virtual review once it is received. For reference, the Executive Committee asked to receive the information by 5 August.
    • A list of alternative options is still in development. Suggestions should be sent to by 31 July. Mullen was able to provide a list of content management systems in use by various government entities. The regional PIO Network was also asked to provide input.
  • Technology Governance Review
    • Please download and review the current draft for grammar, formatting, and consistency. It is recommended that you view the document with No Markup (under the Review tab in Word) to hide the edit history.
    • Privacy issues will likely wait until after this version is adopted.
    • There is an open question for the WebEOC section related to account permissions that requires input from the WebEOC Work Group.
  • Other Items
    • The Work Group has been granted the go-ahead to begin exploring UASI website alternatives. A needs requirement document will be drafted at the August Work Group meeting, so encourage anyone who might be able to provide input to attend (or gather their comments and bring them to the meeting).
    • Feldman will do a demonstration of what the Joomla content management system (and extensions) can provide at the August meeting.

The next meeting will be Thursday 29 August 2019 at 1:00 pm. The meeting will be held in Room 2081 of the Houston Emergency Center. A meeting reminder and agenda will be sent out via Jetty prior to the meeting.