Training Opportunities: FEMA Virtual Tabletop Exercises

Please see the attachment below for a listing of the FY2019 FEMA VTTX series.

Training Bulletin FEMA revised VTTX FY2019

EMI conducts a series of VTTX using a video teleconference (VTC) platform to reach community-based training audiences around the country and provide a virtual forum for disaster training. The VTTX process involves key personnel from the emergency management community of practice reviewing a pre-packaged set of exercise materials, then convening for a four-hour tabletop exercise discussion of a simulated disaster scenario with a total of 10-15 individual sites.

The event allows the connected sites to assess current plans, policies, and procedures while learning from the other connected sites, as they provide their perspective and practice while exercising a similar situation. A VTC system is required for participation; there is no cost for this program.