Training Opportunity: Free Threat Assessment & Active Shooter Training for the Workplace & Schools

Sent on behalf of Texas City Law Enforcement Training Academy. 

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Threat Management Class

Enhancing the Safety and Well-Being of Schools and Organizations

Texas City Emergency Management with TCPD is partnering with TCISD to bring SIGMA Threat Management Associates to Texas City. SIGMA will provide training on basic threat assessment investigations and threat management strategies. This training will help participants develop and implement a threat assessment capacity that is effective in preventing violence, decreasing risk and helping students and others in need. This training is geared toward school personnel and first responders but the skills taught are applicable to private sector security officials and law enforcement as well.

Who is SIGMA:
School shootings have been prevented when schools have learned about threatening behavior and moved quickly to gather information, assess the situation, and intervene where necessary. Training school personnel on how to assess and respond to threatening behavior gives them the tools necessary to address threatening situations and help prevent harm before it can occur.

SIGMA is a partnership of experts in behavioral threat assessment, threat management, and violence prevention. They train clients how to build and operate threat assessment teams and programs, helping them develop their own ability to assess and manage threatening situations in accordance with best practices. SIGMA also provides guidance to clients facing threatening situations, helping them to investigate and evaluate threatening behavior and develop strategies to reduce risk. SIGMA experts have assessed and managed thousands of threats in their careers in federal, state, and local law enforcement, education, criminal justice, mental health, and the law. Their threat assessment work is referenced in U.S. national standards and federal guides and has helped define best practices in behavioral threat assessment violence prevention.

SIGMA provides threat assessment, threat management and violence prevention services for:

– K-12 Schools
– Colleges & Universities
– Law Enforcement & Security
– Prominent Individuals & Family Offices

Date & Time:
Thursday April 5, 2018
8:00 a.m. -4:00 p.m.

Nessler Center
Wings of Heritage Room
2010 5th Avenue North
Texas City, TX 77590