Training Opportunity: Registration Open for BMAP Training Course, April 2-7, 2018

Sent on behalf of Texas Office of Homeland Security.


Texas BMAP_Info Brief


The DHS-sponsored Bomb-Making Materials Awareness Program (BMAP) is designed to increase public and private sector awareness of the use of homemade explosive (HME) precursor chemicals and Improvised Explosive Devices (IED) components by building a network of vigilant and informed private sector partners who serve as the nation’s counter-IED “eyes and ears.”

More information about the program can be found here:

Registration is now open for the April 2-7, 2018 BMAP Administrator Training course, held at the Center for Domestic Preparedness in Anniston, AL.

After completing the course, BMAP Administrators return to their local jurisdictions to train BMAP Community Liaisons, who then educate private sector retailers about commercially-available HME and IED precursor materials.

DHS covers all related travel expenses for this course, including airfare to and from Anniston, lodging, and meals.  

There may be departments and agencies in your region – such as police departments, sheriff’s offices, fire departments, and other first responder and public safety stakeholders – that could help bolster the BMAP program in Texas. Please pass this information along to appropriate colleagues or community members who may be interested in attending this course.

Class spaces are limited, so those who are interested in attending should apply ASAP.

Registration instructions are below, and attached. I have also attached an information brief on BMAP; please feel free to share this with any interested parties.

Please let me know if you have any questions, and thank you for your support of BMAP in Texas.


BMAP AT class 403BMAPAT will be conducted at the CDP in Anniston, AL. To apply for this class, go to the following link:

See the attached registration instructions. The process is straightforward and the link in the attached file will take you directly to the course registration page.  Once registered, OBP will work with each student to arrange travel and lodging.  OBP will make arrangements for each student based on the information they provide when registering for the course.  Please ensure they also include FULL middle name and their TSA number (if they have one).

All students must have a FEMA SID before they can apply for the course. If they need a FEMA SID number, they can register for one at:

**Please note, registering for a FEMA SID does not register you for the class. All students must register using the link in the attached registration instructions.