Houston UASI Calendars

For the purposes of regional coordination, the UASI Program Manager maintains four calendars related to regional events. These calendars are displayed on the UASI homepage in the bottom right. Descriptions of the calendars are below, followed by directions on synchronizing these calendars with your work calendar.

  • UASI Meetings
    View Online | ICS
    Lists scheduled meetings of UASI Committees and Work Groups, as well as other UASI-related events such as grant workshops, grant kick-off calls, and important dates related to the grant program.
    Each UASI Committee and Work Group has its own rules regarding meeting attendance. Meeting dates are listed, but times and locations may not be posted publicly. For additional details on specific meetings, consult the appropriate section of this website.
    Updates: Email alison.belcher@houstontx.gov.
  • UASI Trainings
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    Lists training classes of interest to regional jurisdictions. This includes both trainings that are brought as a result of the UASI grant as well as others that are provided by other groups but which may be of interest to the region. This is not an exhaustive list of training classes; for other emergency management trainings, see TDEM’s Preparing Texas website.
    Training classes may have specific pre-requisites or attendance restrictions, and classes require registration. For additional details, see the Training and Exercise Announcements section of this website.
    Updates: Email charity.dominguez@houstontx.gov.
  • UASI Exercises
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    Lists upcoming regional exercises.
    Exercise participation is typically by invitation only. Exercise dates are provided for regional awareness (for example, to ensure that ad-hoc meetings are not scheduled to overlap with an exercise). Additional details about exercise participation should be directed to the relevant exercise planning team.
    Updates: Email charity.dominguez@houstontx.gov.
  • Conferences
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    Lists conferences and off-site events/trainings/meetings which may be relevant to emergency management, public safety, public health, public affairs, or related disciplines.
    This calendar is to assist with meeting scheduling only. This is not a list of approved or accepted conferences for travel (either on the grant or using home budgets) or an endorsement of any listed event. Any use of grant funds for travel or attendance at any conference (listed here or not) must follow proper procedures.
    Updates: Email alison.belcher@houstontx.gov.

To add these events to your personal calendar, please see the following directions.

  • If you use Microsoft Outlook, right-click on the appropriate “ICS” link for the calendar you want, then pick the option which says “Copy Target” or “Copy Link Address”. Then visit the directions on the Microsoft Website and start with Step 4 under the “Subscribe to your Google Calendar” section (Step 4 should involve opening the Account Settings section of Outlook), pasting in the link you copied during the appropriate step.
  • If you use Google Calendar, click the View Online link above. On the page showing the calendar, look on the bottom right for a picture which says “+ Google Calendar.” Click that to add the events to your Google Calendar.
  • If you use Apple Calendar, right-click on the appropriate “ICS” link for the calendar you want, then pick the option which says “Copy Target” or “Copy Link Address”. Next, on your Apple device, open Settings, then select Calendar. From there, click “Add Subscribed Calendar” and paste the link you copied into the appropriate field, then press Next to save.
  • To download a static snapshot of anything currently on the calendar, click the “ICS” link and save the file to your computer, then open it with the relevant calendar application. Please note that this is a current snapshot only; events added in the future will not automatically appear. To add a synchronized version of the calendar, follow the directions above.