April Technology Work Group Virtual Update

Good morning,

Due to ongoing response concerns, this email is being sent in place of our normal April Technology Work Group meeting.

Technology Updates

  • WebEOC
    • Per the RCC’s direction, suggestions for the Work Group Co-Chairs were submitted to the RCC chair. Shelli Carter (City of Houston, Regional WebEOC Administrator) and Lisa Spivey (SETRAC) were selected as the Co-Chairs for the work group.
    • The WebEOC drill that was scheduled for 4 May has been postponed.
    • Juvare is working on addressing an issue with the STAR and the Actions function. Please continue to send suggestions to shelli.carter@houstontx.gov so she can compile them and forward to TDEM. For those with questions, a user guide is available under the File Library section of the Plugins menu.
    • A variety of COVID-19 resources and boards have been added, as was detailed in the WebEOC update sent last week.
  • GIS
    • Updates to the server are in progress to account for a change from the hosting provider. In addition, the hosting reseller vendor was changed.
    • Jared Granberry has moved to a new position at Houston OEM, but will continue to Co-Chair the work group on an interim basis.
    • GIS staff from Houston supported response efforts for the Polk County tornado through the use of a previously-developed damage assessment and victim locating tool. Data from the field was collected using ESRI’s Survey123 application to provide situational awareness to local responders and emergency management staff. In addition, HFD’s drone was used to augment the information with post-incident aerial photography.
  • Haystax
    • Nothing to report
  • AlertFM
    • Nothing to report
  • i-Info
    • Nothing to report
  • Jetty
    • Nothing to report

At this time, we will work under the assumption that the May meeting will also be virtual. If discussion on any items is needed, a phone meeting or other remote collaboration option will be used. If you have items for discussion, please email ian.feldman@houstontx.gov and lach.mullen@houstontx.gov.


Ian and Lach