WebEOC | April Work Group Updates

Since many of us are still heavily engaged in COVID-19 response, April’s WebEOC Work Group meeting is canceled. If response has slowed, we will move forward with next month’s meeting, scheduled for May 26th at 1pm.

In the meantime, a few updates:

Shelli Carter, with the City of Houston, and Lisa Spivey, with SETRAC, have officially come on board as co-chairs of the Work Group. We are excited for the opportunity to drive discussions, support end user training, and implement enhancements for the Southeast Texas region. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us with suggested topics for future Work Group meetings.

Earlier this year, the Work Group tentatively scheduled a drill for the region, focusing on resource requests and the STAR Board, for May 4th. This drill has been postponed. A couple of notes on the STAR:

  • A guide can be found in the control panel, under Plugins > File Library > **User Guides.
  • Juvare is working on a patch to address issues with adding Actions to a request for our Enterprise license.
  • A few of you have sent suggestions for improvements. These suggestions will be compiled and sent to TDEM, who manages this board.

A notice regarding COVID Updates in WebEOC was distributed a couple of weeks ago. To recap:


Infectious Disease Case Summary by Jurisdictions – a summary of local case listings, by jurisdiction. Jurisdictional representatives may provide updates on several metrics, including total cases, recoveries, and fatalities.
Infectious Disease Impact Tracking – includes a dashboard of cases by state and county, official source Twitter feeds, and a local map. Jurisdictional representatives may add impacted facilities and/or events to this map.
Supply Chain Dashboard – includes a group of four sub-boards to track service impacts, closures, movement restrictions, regulations, regulation waivers, and unmet needs. Jurisdictional representatives are asked to supply updates as circumstances develop. Additionally, this dashboard includes a link to business supply chain status reports. A quick user guide for this board is linked here: Introduction to Supply Chain Boards Users who need access to add and edit entries on the Supply Chain Dashboard and don’t currently have it, should contact me.


  • COVID-19 Resources – a collection of external links to various local, national, and global novel coronavirus related updates, including:
  • CDC Summary
  • Closures of Entities & Events (City of Houston)
  • Countries Response Update from World Health Organization
  • Health Department Guidance from CDC
  • Healthcare Facility Guidance from CDC
  • Interactive GIS Map of U.S. Cases (Topo.ai)
  • NWS Radar and Testing Sites
  • SETRAC Bed/ Ventilator Counts
  • Situation Reports from the World Health Organization
  • Testing Sites (Texas DSHS)
  • Texas Impacts Dashboard (TDEM)
  • World Health Organization Resource Page

Be well. Until May,
Shelli Carter & Lisa Spivey