COVID-19 Updates in WebEOC

WebEOC Users:

Several updates were made in WebEOC to enhance data collection and information sharing during the COVID-19 pandemic response, including new boards and menu of resources.  Updates include:


Infectious Disease Case Summary by Jurisdictions  – a summary of local case listings, by jurisdiction.  Jurisdictional representatives may provide updates on several metrics, including total cases, recoveries, and fatalities.

Infectious Disease Impact Tracking  – includes a dashboard of cases by state and county, official source Twitter feeds, and a local map.  Jurisdictional representatives may add impacted facilities and/or events to this map.

Supply Chain Dashboard – includes a group of four sub-boards to track service impacts, closures, movement restrictions, regulations, regulation waivers, and unmet needs.  Jurisdictional representatives are asked to supply updates as circumstances develop.  Additionally, this dashboard includes a link to business supply chain status reports.  A quick user guide for this board is linked here: Introduction to Supply Chain Boards  Users who need access to add and edit entries on the Supply Chain Dashboard and don’t currently have it, should contact me.


COVID-19 Resources – a collection of external links to various local, national, and global novel coronavirus related updates, including:

  • CDC Summary
  • Closures of Entities & Events (City of Houston)
  • Countries Response Update from World Health Organization
  • Health Department Guidance from CDC
  • Healthcare Facility Guidance from CDC
  • Interactive GIS Map of U.S. Cases (
  • SETRAC Bed/ Ventilator Counts
  • Situation Reports from the World Health Organization
  • Testing Sites (Texas DSHS)
  • Texas Impacts Dashboard (TDEM)
  • World Health Organization Resource Page


Any suggestions for additional resources or questions on recent updates, let me know –

Shelli Carter | 281.901.7885