March Technology Work Group Virtual Update

Good morning,

Due to ongoing response concerns, this email is being sent in place of our normal March Technology Work Group meeting. The April meeting will be evaluated at a later date.

Technology Updates

  • WebEOC
    • COVID-19 resources are available under Menus, and will be expanded as new sources are available.
    • Two COVID-19 boards have been added:
      • Infectious Disease Impact Tracking has a national dashboard and official social media feeds
      • Infectious Disease Case Summary by Jurisdiction is a hub for jurisdictional case reporting. Please share your data here for situational awareness.
    • Working on developing a multi-board Supply Chain Status effort to facilitate information-sharing between jurisdictions and retailers.
    • Juvare has made fixes to EMTrack, which now appears operational.
    • The Needs Assessment survey mentioned previously may be delayed due to ongoing response issues.
      • SubAdmins and Sentinels are asked to document issues to be addressed later, either through the survey or as short-term fixes using service hours.
      • Continue to send critical impacts to Shelli Carter for immediate action.
    • SubAdmins and Sentinels are reminded to try and engage directly with their users for training, WebEOC use questions, password resets, and other first-line support issues. The Admin thanks those SubAdmins and Sentinels already doing so.
  • GIS
    • Jared Granberry is in the process of rebuilding the UASI GIS server to have portal federated to a hosting server. This should better fit the region’s needs given the current budget, and addresses end-of-life issues with the current version of Windows Server on the machine.
  • Haystax
    • Ian Feldman is adding information on retailers and distribution centers as it is received from contacts. The “tags” feature is being used to sort these items (best viewed from the Map). Contact Ian for additional details.
  • AlertFM
    • Nothing to report
  • i-Info
    • Nothing to report
  • Jetty
    • Nothing to report

The next Technology Work Group meeting is scheduled for Thursday 30 April, and the need to have an in-person meeting versus another email update will be evaluated as we get closer to that date.


Ian and Lach