COVID-19 Board Installed in WebEOC

WebEOC Users:

Juvare has developed a board for users to track aspects of COVID-19.  This board includes a dashboard of national impacts, including confirmed cases, airport impacts, and official social media messaging, as well as the ability to create and map impacted facilities and/or events.

I have downloaded the board, called “Infectious Disease Community Impact Tracking.”  If you choose to add any assets or impacts to the board, please be sure you are logged into the COVID-19 incident, “20-0003 nCoV 2020.”

I installed the board yesterday; there were some early glitches with the data sources, but they appear to be sorted out now.  Still, if you find a piece of the dashboard has lost its data connection, don’t hesitate to contact me.

Please socialize this update with anyone in your organization that may be tracking incidents, resource requests, and/or expenditures for COVID-19 in WebEOC.


Shelli Carter