FY2018 UASI Preliminary* Allocation list

On behalf of the UAWG Executive Committee, we want to thank all of the applicants, the committee chairs, their members, and all other subject matter experts who assisted with the review of over 40 million dollars in proposals submitted for possible funding through the FY2018 UASI grant. The committees serve as a critical part of our process, particularly in helping us work towards standardized equipment, training and processes, including our regional concepts of operations.

The FY2018 UASI Preliminary*  Allocation list has been posted on the Houston UASI website. You must be logged into the site to view the list. If you need assistance logging in, please let us know. Once you have logged into the site, go to “Regional Committees” at the top and drop down the menu to select the “Urban Area Working Group (UAWG)” folder.

If your budget was reduced, we will be sending you an email soon so that the revisions can be made before the April 13th deadline for jurisdictional grant managers to have all of the projects entered and certified in the state’s grant management system (eGrants).

We appreciate your ongoing commitment to the security of our region, and we look forward to working with you as we continue to implement our regional homeland security strategic plan.

Alison Belcher & Mel Bartis

*This allocation list is preliminary because the Notice of Funding Opportunity has still not been released. The allocated to amount is based entirely on the FY2017 allocation and is subject to change. If there are any changes to the allocation amount, in priorities, or if there is a match requirement designated by DHS, the EC will adjust this list based on any new requirements and/ or revised allocation amount and the amended final allocation list will be distributed. If the allocated amount and guidance remain the same, this is the final allocation list.