For Review: Jetty System Gaps – Follow-up Requested by 3/16

We are about month from the one-year anniversary of the region’s PIER System shutdown. Many agencies have subsequently been using Jetty successfully in the region but for some users and agencies there remain major blockers to a full implementation.

Through the various pre-sale demonstrations we received from Jetty, some features and capabilities were described or promised but little formal documentation was provided (in many cases it simply did not exist).

We knew that a rushed procurement process and subsequent implementation of young software would spell frustration, and in an attempt to define what we’re up against the Technology Work Group developed the below-linked spreadsheet to determine what we were sold, what we have now, what we need, and what we want in the future. This sheet will serve as some form of documentation and the regional Jetty administrator will be able to use this sheet to work with Jetty on prioritizing and planning system enhancements, as well as getting critical fixes in place to ensure a complete migration of the region.

Please spend a couple minutes reviewing the layout of the spreadsheet, and then verify that the information shown is accurate:*

*NOTE: you must have a Google account to edit this sheet. If you do not have a Google account, please contact Lach Mullen directly and an alternate format can be sent.

Please review and post your comments by Friday, March 16.

In particular, please indicate via comment if you feel that the “As Sold” column is inaccurate for any particular item, and provide context for partial capability (indicated with a “/”).

Feel free to add additional features if you notice anything that is missing.

If you have any questions or comments, feel free to leave them on the sheet as comments or contact Lach Mullen directly.