INPUT NEEDED: WebEOC Needs Assessment Survey

Good afternoon,

As mentioned on today’s WebEOC Work Group meeting, a needs assessment survey has been developed. This survey will be used to help the WebEOC Work Group identify potential gaps for the new WebEOC administrator (when that person is hired) so that the WebEOC administrator can ensure that our implementation is fully meeting regional needs. We are asking all jurisdictions and agencies with WebEOC Sentinels or Sub-Administrators to please complete this document by Monday 30 November 2020. Other agencies/jurisdictions that use WebEOC can also feel free to complete it, as we want to ensure that we get an accurate picture of current needs and uses.

Results will then be brought to a subsequent WebEOC Work Group meeting for discussion by members. Should gaps be identified as part of this process, the work group will provide input to the Regional Administrator (once that position is filled) on how to proceed to ensure the region’s needs continue to be met by this grant-funded project.

You can complete the survey online at:


WebEOC Work Group Chairs