Reminder: WebEOC Pros and Cons to Moving to Lonestar Survey

Please use this link to complete the survey, I hope.


Please complete this form with your list of pros and/or cons to moving to the State of Texas’ WebEOC Lonestar. You may also add any question for me or Texas CIS or concerns, statements, etc. We have had many conversations about moving to Lonestar so before we make a hasty decision, we need to think about how this will impact us in the region and your users as well. The information we gather here will be combined into one document for further analysis. We will come up with a type of 5 year plan for the Southeast Texas WebEOC server and the users. Sentinels, please add the pros and/or cons to moving to the State’s Lonestar server.

The deadline to complete form is now 7/23/2018 at 5pm.


Janette Walker

Regional WebEOC Administrator