Technology Work Group December Notes

Good afternoon,

The following items were discussed at today’s meeting:

  • Justin Jurek stated that Jetty trainings have been taking place, and two additional sessions are available next week on Monday and Tuesday. Feedback so far has been generally positive. He is still working with TRG on issues related to the security of uploaded files, and is also still awaiting a response on how a UASI site distribution was able to be sent with an EHCMA template. Finally, HCFMO reached out about using one of the two available Jetty licenses; Justin will bring the request up for discussion at a future meeting.
  • Meghan Arthur had no new information to report on either i-INFO or Alert FM, but Alison Belcher did ask for clarification on when the Alert FM contract expired (end of 2023).
  • Ian Feldman recapped discussion at the November WebEOC Work Group regarding the City of Houston change request. A survey to solicit additional feedback is available at, and will remain open until 5:00pm today. Anonymized results will be made available to RCC, which is discussing this and other change requests tomorrow. Feedback can also be submitted directly to an RCC voting member.
  • Jared Granberry advised that the GIS Work Group was not able to meet in November, but is aware of questions from the WebEOC Work Group regarding the GIS work necessary to utilize the WebEOC-ArcGIS Connector if that portion of the COH change request is approved.
  • Ian Feldman noted that a new feature was added to asset pages in Haystax: a widget that allows the display of tabular data. The current use case is insurance data for public facilities. Additional work is being done by the vendor to ensure that the data is visible in other portions of the site, such as assessments.
  • Finally, the group approved the 2021 meeting schedule. Meetings remain the last Thursday of each month at 1:00pm. Meetings will be exclusively virtual until further notice. When it becomes safe and prudent to resume in-person meetings, information on meeting locations will be socialized. The 2021 meeting schedule is:
    • Thursday 28 January 2021
    • Thursday 25 February 2021
    • Thursday 25 March 2021
    • Thursday 29 April 2021
    • Thursday 27 May 2021
    • Thursday 24 June 2021
    • Thursday 29 July 2021
    • Thursday 26 August 2021
    • Thursday 30 September 2021
    • Thursday 28 October 2021
    • Thursday 18 November 2021 (note that this is one week earlier than normal due to the Thanksgiving holiday)
    • Thursday 23 December 2021

Due to the holidays, there will not be a meeting at the end of this month. We look forward to virtually meeting with everyone on 28 January 2021, and hope that everyone has a happy and safe new year. If you have suggested presentations or demos you would like included at any of our 2021 meetings, please email and


Lach and Ian