Technology Work Group | June 2020 Notes

Notes from the June 2020 Technology Work Group are below. This includes both the Jetty discussion as well as the regular meeting items.

  • Representatives from Jetty were present to brief on existing enhancements, planned improvements, and open items from the previous Gap Analysis document.
    • A first-level improvement in the site’s ability to run reports of email distributions was already added. Jetty is planning on releasing additional updates to the reporting and logging features, including additional activity logging. Improvements to the security of items in the media library (images and uploaded documents) are also in progress, though Jetty indicated that this was still in the design stage and could not provide specific details. Jetty is also partnering with an outside provider to improve social media integrations.
    • Other items in process are improved correspondence management, bulk translation and bulk publishing, general security updates, enhanced approval workflows, inquiry management, and additional integration with TRG’s WebIAP product.
    • Site admins on the call/at the meeting voiced several areas for improvement. One was better integration of calendar data with site posts (allowing users to add data and time metadata to site posts that were for meetings or trainings to facilitate display by date or calendar integration), improvements to SMS distribution (including Everbridge integration), better organization of the Media Library (organizing uploaded files into folders), and improved methods for sharing uploaded files.
    • As a follow-up, Justin Jurek will ensure that all site admins have access to current training links. Jetty will review the previous Gap Analysis document and provide a report on which items are already completed, which are still in progress, and which items are not currently under development. This will be distributed through the regional Jetty administrator.
  • UASI Technology Administrators then briefed on the status of their respective technologies. Most had no significant updates. Shelli Carter has registered for a live demo of the newest version of WebEOC and will share details on it once that is fully set up, and will be doing a briefing for the Executive Committee on the ESRI-WebEOC integration plugin. Meghan Arthur is checking on the status of the AlertFM contract, which ends soon, and will investigate whether AlertFM still bridges a gap to determine if it should be renewed.
  • The next meeting will be Thursday, July 30, 2020.