WebEOC Work Group | June 2020 Notes

Notes from June’s WebEOC Work Group meeting:

Training | New users during COVID-19 response who had not received training yet were set to expire on June 30th.  Sentinels are encouraged to train their new users.  New users may also respond to an availability poll for a virtual training session.  Poll here

Contact Management & Reporting | The chairs will work on setting up a demo for the Contacts Manager add-on next month.  If there is broad interest, we will begin a discussion on funding options and consideration for the RCC.

GIS Integration | A demo of the GIS Integration add-on has been scheduled with the Executive Committee.

Event Board Accessibility | We are working with TDEM to address a present limitation with the fusion Event Boards that prohibits municipalities or agencies that cross counties from having visibility of more than one county.  TDEM would need to make amendments to the input form, as well as permission settings to enable viewing of multiple counties.

STAR Board | A survey of the STAR board was created.  If you have used the STAR board during COVID-19 response, please share your feedback by July 31st.  Please note that this survey is capturing feedback of the board’s functions, not of other factors in the resource request process (communications between jurisdictions or with the SOC, supply chain limitations, etc).  Survey here.

EMResource | Jurisdictions can request view-only access to EMResource, which displays color coded hospital status, divided by trauma designations.  EMResource also includes a facility map and contact information, as well as user status (users are highlighted green when they are online).  Request access here.

Please send any requests for future Work Group topics or WebEOC considerations to: shelli.carter@houstontx.gov and lisa.spivey@setrac.org