Update: WebEOC Work Group Notes, 11/27/2018

Sentinels and EMCs,

I accidentally pressed “publish’ instead of “preview”.   Hope you are able to view attachments or this email.  This is my third attempt using Jetty to send this information to you.

Instead of sending the attachments from the media unsecured,  I thought I’d try and secure them with a password.   To view the attached documents, you will need to use a password to open them.  Please use the password that is defaulted by use.  If you are unsure, please send me an email for the password!   janette.walker@houstontx.gov

The WebEOC Work Group minues is attached as well as the security audit question/answers from Juvare.

If you are unable to open the links, please let me know and i’ll email them to you.

Thank you,
Janette Walker



WWG Notes 11.27.18

WebEOC Secuity Audits 2018