Opportunity to Host: Bombing Prevention Awareness and Protective Measures Courses

Sent on behalf of  US Department of Homeland Security.

DHS now has Texas based trainers who are available to provide the following training:

AWR-348  The Bombing Prevention Awareness Course (BPAC) is an introductory-level course for public and private sector critical infrastructure owners, operators, and response personnel. The course helps participants build a foundational understanding of how to identify and respond to an improvised explosive device (IED) threat. Flyer: Bombing Prevention Awareness Course (AWR-348

PER-336 Protective Measures Course provides the foundational knowledge to identify risks and vulnerabilities to a facility, venue, or event and to identify various types of protective measures to mitigate an IED threat. Learners have the opportunity to apply concepts introduced throughout the course with hands-on activities. Flyer: Protective Measures (PER-336) Factshee

POC for courses:

Bill Shockley, Explosives Specialist, DHS/ TSA, 281-742-5539

Classes are FREE and students can receive continuing education credit. Assistance with distributing to public and private-sector stakeholders is appreciated.