WebEOC Work Group | July 28th Meeting Notes

July Work Group Meeting Notes:


Juvare: Oliver Oetterer and Matt Cronin; Counties: Austin, Fort Bend, Harris, Montgomery; Cities: Baytown, Houston, Richmond; Agencies: SETRAC/CMOC, TDEM, University of Houston


Juvare Demo

Juvare held a demo of two add-on products, Contacts Manager and Messages Manager.  They can be used independently or in conjunction with each other.

  • Contacts Manager interfaces with user profiles; it can also be customized to include additional fields and additional (non-user) contacts. Contacts can be imported and exported, as well as sorted and filtered by certain fields.
  • Messages Manager can be used to send messages to users and/or external contacts directly from WebEOC. It can also be configured to automate message updates from specific boards.

Juvare also shared links to recordings of half day conferences:



Two virtual training sessions were held for new users (June 15th and 24th), training total of 44 users.  Sub Administrators and Sentinels should review their recent users; please reach out to Shelli if you need to run a report or need assistance in training any users.


STAR Board

  • STAR users are encouraged to submit their feedback by the end of the month. Feedback form available here: https://forms.gle/ocY9q3LatHvMABMC7
  • Current process for Hospital users: Route to the County and Assign CMOC Logistics as the responsible party.  CMOC cannot see the request until it is assigned to them.  This has been socialized through multiple methods by both SETRAC and the WebEOC Administrator, but STARs from hospitals continue to be submitted without being assigned.
  • TDEM is working on a web form to replace all or part of the STAR board. It is not live yet, but currently includes the same three windows users see on the STAR input form.  At this time, we do not have a launch date for the web form and are unclear as to the impacts on requests that normally route to local jurisdictions or to CMOC.


WebEOC 8.10 Early Release Overview

  • Corrected a Chrome issue that inadvertently prevented the retention of open WebEOC tabs between sessions.
  • Maps – some updates to the Maps feature to display north arrow and scale line, as well as a quick reset option (original orientation).
  • 508 Compliance – improving access to people with visual and/or hearing impairments.  Titles can be added to page, image, and elements to improve keyboard access.  Screen reader support to be updated.  Introduced the option to navigate directly to boards, rather than accessing them through menu items.
  • Enhancing access to and quality of pdf printing.


Shelli Carter & Lisa Spivey, Co-chairs