WebEOC Work Group 30MAR21 Notes

Thank you for your comments and discussion during yesterday’s meeting. Below is a bit of information covered and discussed specifically for those who were unable to be on the call. You will find some highlighted notes that require follow-up.


I’ve also updated the survey as requested. It will remain open until 9APR21 1200, in order to capture a date that fits everyone’s schedule to discuss the PAR. I would also like to capture more feedback from the region, so please provide as much feedback as possible.



  1. PAR Discussion (PAR attached FYSA) (Will have a follow-on meeting to discuss the PAR pending scheduling with region representatives)
    1. PAR was approved and finalized. Although it was not taken through the committee to be finalized, it was done in order to move forward with the changes recommended. There are several recommendations that require immediate action, which include training, user auditing and board utilization. We need to focus on the immediate actions to correct these simple house cleaning efforts to make the system more efficient. There are users and administrators who do not have the proper access or even understand their current roles in WebEOC which poses a problem to the overall functionality.
    2. With several unused boards that remain dormant and just taking up storage space on the server, it does not benefit the region at all. We need to focus on clean up to condense the unnecessary clutter and look to 9.0 as a solution to developing boards beneficial to the region.


  1. Training Opportunities (Once the videos and content match the new version I will disseminate out to the workgroup for QC)
    1. I have completed the training videos and handouts which cover (basic user level, administrator level, STAR requests, SITREP creation, and other common functions and troubleshooting techniques). When 9.0 is released and I verify that the training videos and other training material are suitable for the new version I will disseminate to the region.


  1. WebEOC User Review (Region will have a list of all personnel to scrub NLT 2APR21)
    1. A complete breakdown by the separate divisions, departments, organizations and jurisdictions is being completed manually.
    2. Will be sent out to the individual sentinels and administrators to further audit who will continue to need access to WebEOC.
    3. Once we have established who will remain with accounts in our server, a standard date/time will be established to have administrators complete an audit of their personnel.


I have received the issues/concerns by HCOEM, and will follow-up directly with HCOEM. Harris County Logistics brought up continued issues with STAR requests. To address that, I want to assure you there are no active changes or foreseeable changes that will affect the current STAR process nor will WebEOC 9.0 affect that either. Nothing is changing, for the time being this office will focus on cleanup, training, governance and addressing continued technical issues.


Towards the end of this week (2APR21) and next, you will receive information regarding the 9.0 update, training, governance review, and more.


Below is the link to the survey: